Boxline Small Corner

$57.95 Incl. GST

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Use as:

  • Raised feature beds
  • Retainer

Ideal for:

  • Square/Rectangular raised features
  • Seats, benches or tables [create own top)
  • Hidden fixings & bolt down capabilities

Boxline Modular Garden Bed Box System

Make whatever sized garden boxes with the Straightcurve Boxline modular system. The line consists of 3 products:

  1. Small corner, 175 x 325 mm
  2. Large corner, 475 x 625 mm
  3. Straight piece, 900 mm

Each piece is 200mm tall. By combining different parts various size and height boxes can be created on site.  The range of sizes possible are described on the relevant specification sheets. Each part comes with a reinforced connector plate to join the pieces together.

Pieces are sold individually, so to make a box of 4x small corners, simply add 4x small corners to your cart.


Box sets are used to make rectangular, square or L-shaped planter boxes or seats of heights varying from 200 mm to 1200 mm. It’s a modular system that allows for any size configuration with increments of 300 mm. It can be used on concrete or on soil.

Technical Specifications:

MaterialWeathering steel alloy Q345GNHL
FinishBlack (creates rusted look)
Small Corner175mm x 325mm
Long Corner475mm x 625 mm
Small Corner175mm x 325mm
Straight Piece900mm
Edge Width30mm


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