Straightcurve Flex 75mm x 2200mm

$56.95 Incl. GST

Use as:

  • Divider between gravels/woodchips/mulches etc.
  • Paving, compacted stone and artificial turf edge
  • Lawn edge for non invasive grasses

Ideal for:

  • Meandering paths through a garden
  • Decorative stone areas

Available Steels:

Weathering (Corten)

Product Description:

Straightcurve Flex 75mm:

75mm Flexible edge ideal for paths, tree surrounds, borders and low raised gardens.

Flex is designed to flex into shape rather than being bent into shape, it creates beautiful flowing curves. If straight is what you are after then no problem, Flexline can also be used in both straight and angular applications.

It comes with connector plates pre-attached and has a smooth rounded top making it very child friendly.  The necessary pinning nails (3 per length) are included.


Can be used to create flowing curves, straight and angular.

Path Edge – Great for creating curved or straight paths with chip, crushed stone or bitumen.

Area Definition – Used to create a clean tidy definition between different types of material, ie bark/chip.

Paver Lock – Ideally suited as an edge to lock in pavers.

Artificial Grass Edge – Smart hard edge to finish your artificial grass project.

It can also be used for non-invasive grasses that don’t have a deep root system.

Finish and Technical Specifications:

Available in two finishes, Weathering Steel and Galvanised Steel.

Weathering Steel (rusted look) – A steel alloy designed to create its own protective patina, comes in a blackish finish then slowly creates a rusted appearance.

Galvanised Steel – A heavy galvanised finish. Galvanised steel will give an amazing long lasting product. Will be bright silver finish that will dull to a matt silver finish over time.

Material Weathering steel alloy Q345GNHL Steel
Finish Black (creates rust look) Galvanised
Height 75mm 75mm
Base Width 50mm 50mm
Thickness 1.5 mm 1.5 mm

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