Straightcurve Hardline 100mm x 2200mm

$89.95 Incl. GST

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Use as:

  • Lawn barrier for non-invasive grasses
  • Divider between gravels, wood chips, mulch etc
  • Lock in paving or compacted/loose fill paths

Ideal for:

  • Garden designs featuring straight lines
  • Small formal courtyard gardens
  • Perfectionists!

Straightcurve Hardline 100mm

A super rigid edge made from weathering steel (similar to Corten) that gives you that attractive rusted look, with galvanised options also available.

​Ideal for straight lines. It’s very rigid and guaranteed to hold a straight line. Corners can be introduced manually where required and this involves the use of an angle grinder


100mm Straightcurve Hardline is used to make straight lines in gardens or landscapes. It can be used as a barrier between a garden bed and lawn, a feature path, paving edge or as a barrier edge for artificial turf to hold cracker dust in place.

Technical Specifications:

MaterialWeathering steel alloy Q345GNHLSteel
FinishBlack (creates rusted look)Galvanised

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