Straightcurve Rigidline 75mm x 2200mm

$54.95 Incl. GST

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Use as:

  • Divider between gravels/woodchips/mulches etc
  • Paving, compacted stone and artificial turf edge
  • Lawn edge for non-invasive grasses

Ideal for:

  • Straight lines and geometric designs
  • Straight garden paths & lawn areas
  • Decorative stone areas
  • Angular tree surrounds
  • Hard soils where trenching is difficult

Straightcurve Rigidline 75mm

Finish and Technical Specifications:

Available in two finishes, Weathering Steel and Galvanised Steel.

Weathering Steel (rusted look) – A steel alloy designed to create its own protective patina, comes in a blackish finish then slowly creates a rusted appearance.

Galvanised Steel – A heavy galvanised finish. Galvanised steel will give an amazing long lasting product, 100+ years. Will be bright silver finish that will dull to a matt silver finish over time.

MaterialWeathering steel alloy Q345GNHLSteel
FinishBlack (creates rust look)Galvanised
Base Width50mm50mm
Thickness1.5 mm1.5 mm

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