About Straightcurve

Straightcurve is for landscapers who find installing steel edging tedious and simply want an easier way.

DIY users dissatisfied with other edging options appreciate Straightcurve because it works and looks good.

Straightcurve delivers the latest innovations and new installation methods that simply work and give outstanding results.

Unlike other edging that slows you down or doesn’t deliver, Straightcurve goes in quickly with a top notch finish!


Why Choose Straightcurve?

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A super flexible edge made from either weathering steel (similar to Corten) or galvanised steel. The weathering steel gives you that attractive rusted look. Once the rusted patina has formed, the patina acts as a protective layer protecting your edge for decades.


A super rigid edge made from weathering steel (similar to Corten) that gives you that attractive rusted look. It’s very rigid and guaranteed to hold a straight line.  Corners can be introduced manually where required and this involves the use of an angle grinder.


Modular Garden Bed Box System
Make predetermined size garden boxes with Straightcurve Boxline. By combining different parts various size and height boxes can be created on site depending on design requirements.