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Straightcurve Garden Edging

Straightcurve Garden Edging

Create beautiful garden and outdoor spaces with our range of Straightcurve steel garden edging products.

Straightcurve is for landscapers who find installing steel edging tedious and simply want an easier way. With Straightcurve, there’s no more mess or fuss as our products are purpose built to be effective in a wide range of garden styles. Unlike other edging that slows you down or doesn’t deliver, our product goes in quickly with a top notch finish!

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“What separates Straightcurve from it’s competitors is the fact that it is extremely easy to work with. We’ve just road tested it here in the store and have found that with just a few tools there’s a great deal of possibilities for your landscape.”​

John / Creation Landscape Supplies

Why Choose Straightcurve?

Whether you are wanting to tidy up the back garden, or present an award winning masterpiece, our range of Straightcurve steel edging is the right choice for you.