Straightcurve Flex 400mm x 2160mm

$229.00 Incl. GST

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Use as:

  • Raised feature beds
  • Medium height retainers

Ideal for:

  • Kitchen Garden Beds
  • Curved, sweeping terraces/retainers
  • Hard surface mounting ie: rooftop gardens/decking

Available Steels:


Straightcurve Flex 400mm

The 400mm Straightcurve Flex product has an elegant seam at the front where one length connects to the next with an inventive pegging system that uses interlocking steel connector pieces. The edge is flexible so can be shaped on site. Braces to support the edge can be supplied when deemed necessary, these are not required for closed shapes such as a ring.


400mm Straightcurve Flex is used to make raised feature beds that are either straight or curved.

Technical Specifications:

Material Weathering steel alloy Q345GNHL Steel
Finish Black (creates rusted look) Galvanised
Height 400mm 400mm
Thickness 2mm 2mm

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