Straightcurve Flexline 240mm x 2160mm

$159.00 Incl. GST

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Use as:

  • Lawn barrier for invasive grasses for extra height
  • Raised feature beds
  • Low retainer

Ideal for:

  • Raised, curved feature beds
  • Terracing a gentle slope
  • Hard surface mounting ie: rooftop gardens/decking

Available Steels:


Straightcurve Flexline 240mm

A super flexible edge made from weathering steel (similar to Corten) that gives you that attractive rusted or galvanised look. The pieces are joined on the backside by an innovative locking system requiring no screws and resulting in a discreet seamline on the face side.

This product is ideal for raised features.


240mm Straightcurve Flexline is used to make raised feature beds that are either straight or curved. It can be shaped in situ and does not require pre-shaping. Lengths can be joined using a hammer.

Technical Specifications:

MaterialWeathering steel alloy Q345GNHLSteel
FinishBlack (rusts over time)Galvanised

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