Straightcurve Zero-Flex 240mm Height

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Use as:

  • Lawn barrier for non-invasive grasses
  • Divider between gravels, wood chips, mulch etc
  • Lock in paving or compacted/loose fill paths

Ideal for:

  • Garden designs featuring straight lines
  • Small formal courtyard gardens
  • Perfectionists!

Straightcurve Zero-Flex 240mm

A super rigid edge made from weathering steel (similar to Corten) that gives you that attractive rusted look, with galvanised and powder coated options also available.


Straightcurve Zero-Flex is a super high-quality raised garden bed that’s stylish and strong, a straight edge that will stay true and won’t waver. An edge ideal for linear designs with plenty of corners.

Technical Specifications:

Material Weathering steel alloy Q345GNHL Steel
Finish Black (rusts over time) Galvanised
Height 240mm 240mm
Thickness 1.5mm 1.55mm
Length 400mm to 2000mm 400mm to 2000mm

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